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Learn how to sing and improve your voice!

Dr. Zimmermann offers a number of courses meeting at Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, NM.

Learn to Read Music

Discover Your Singing Voice

Sight Singing for Choral Singers

New Class!  Let’s Sing Phantom of the Opera

Enjoy performing songs from the Phantom of the Opera musical like All I Ask of You, Think of Me and Phantom of the Opera in a group, in duets and as solos.  Focus on the basic vocal techniques of body alignment, breathing, resonance and diction.  Bring your favorite song from Phantom, a water bottle, a pad and pencil.

Sing yourself to Better Health and Well-being

The impact of singing on health and well-being has seen a dramatic increase in the number of research projects in this area in recent years. This class will include an overview of current and recent scientific research attesting to the health benefits of singing. Class participants will also learn traditional rounds and part-songs while singing in unison and harmony. No previous musical training or singing experience is necessary. Through physical and vocal warm-up exercises and a variety of songs styles, participants will explore strategies and techniques to strengthen the singing voice and activate the health benefits of singing.

Ageless Singer class, Priscilla Zimmermann, director, Nancy Soltero, accompanist.  Performance at Pacifica Senior Living

Discover Your Singing Voice

This course is designed for people who “can’t sing” or have been told they can’t sing.  The target audience is those who either don’t think they can sing or perhaps those who used to sing but aren’t sure they still can.  Through various vocal exploration strategies and exercises class participants are encouraged and guided to find their latent singing voices.

Learn to Read Music

Have you ever wondered what those lines and little dots mean on a page of music?  Well now is the time to find out.  This class is designed for the very beginner or those who want to review basic music reading skills.  Dr. Priscilla Zimmermann will guide participants in learning the basics of rhythm and pitch as well as the essentials of music theory.

The Ageless Singer

Do you want to learn how to improve your singing? This class meets the needs of singers of all ages. Singing is a learned skill and people of any age can learn these skills. Learn and practice basic singing techniques through vocal exercises and songs of various styles.

Just Sing It!

A non-auditioned community chorus for students of any age who enjoy singing or learning to sing.  No previous musical training or singing experience is necessary but experienced singers are welcome.  “Just Sing It” is a class in basic choral ensemble singing.  Through physical and vocal warm-up exercises and a variety of song styles, participants will explore strategies and techniques to strengthen the voice, increase singing range, projection, and even enhanced memory.  We will learn traditional rounds and part-songs from around the world while singing in unison and harmony.  During the last class meeting the chorus will present an informal presentation of songs learned in class at a local senior facility.


Sight-Singing for Choral Singers

Choral Sight-Singing is the ability to accurately read and sing the pitches, rhythms, and words of a musical piece at first sight after being given a starting pitch or chord by an instrument.  Achieving competent sight-singing skills is a component of becoming a complete choral musician.  Research has shown that regular sight-singing practice will improve skills in all areas of your musicianship.  This course will give participants the opportunity to learn and practice specific skills that will develop their sight-singing ability in a choral context.  Instructor, Dr. Priscilla Zimmermann, has been a professional choral director and music educator for more than 45 years.

Any questions regarding classes, feel free to contact Dr. Zimmermann.